MG looks to continue growing

MG looks to continue growing

Birmingham car maker MG is anticipating another year of solid growth after reporting a 63% increase in new car registrations in February.

MG registered 103 cars last month compared to 63 in 2015. Year-to-date, sales are already up more than 100% from last year.

The Chinese-owned business ended the 2015 year with UK sales up 35.5% on 2014 – its most successful year since taking over the remnants of the old Longbridge factory in 2008.

Matthew Cheyne, MG’s head of sales and marketing, said: “We are thrilled that our sales are increasing year-on-year.

“Through various great products, a growing dealer network and strong customer offers, we are appearing on more customers’ radars and we can only see this increasing.

“This June, we are launching our highly-anticipated SUV and we have every confidence that this car will be a great seller for us and will continue to boost our figures.”

The news follows MG’s latest announcement that it is looking to expand its UK dealer network as it continues its revival in its home market.

He said the company was targeting areas around Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Southampton.