Successful year for TEAL Patents

Successful year for TEAL Patents

A Birmingham-based family business has enjoyed record turnover and record profits - by helping the NHS tackle outbreaks of infection in its hospitals.

TEAL Patents has previously underlined the city's long-time reputation for manufacturing innovation by becoming the world's largest maker of portable hand-wash units, which provide hot water, but require no access to either mains water or drainage.

Managing director Manty Stanley says the business has served the health, education, catering and commercial vehicle sectors for years, but its breakthrough with the NHS came during 2015, when it introduced a new service.

“We've been working closely with infection control departments for something like 15 years, focusing on ways to reduce the risk of infections spreading due to poor hand hygiene.

“People need to be able to wash their hands in hot water wherever they are, and whenever they need to. Last year, we came up with the idea of offering a new service, which we called the Teal Task Force.

“We offered next-day deliveries of these portable units, which could be hired when there were medical emergencies or plumbing outages, and they were extremely popular. We guaranteed the 24-hour delivery because we understand the need for speed when trying to contain the spread of infection.

”We've always enjoyed significant commercial success overseas, and our units are popular from the Iberian peninsula through to the Middle East and on to Australasia, but the record numbers from 2015 were down to the TTF concept.”