University of Birmingham launches apprenticeship scheme

University of Birmingham launches apprenticeship scheme

The University of Birmingham has launched a new apprenticeship scheme to create opportunities for on-the-job training in a range of fields.

The first 11 apprenticeships are now being advertised, which include studio production, IT support, and electrical and mechanical maintenance opportunities.

The university has partnered with Babington Apprenticeships Ltd to recruit and train the apprentices.

Eventually, the university hopes to create 20 apprenticeships during the first year of the programme.

The training provided will allow the apprentices to gain a solid foothold in their chosen career, and will allow the university to continue to build a diverse and skilled workforce for the future.

Training will also be given to University line managers to enable them to support the apprentices they manage and ensure they reach their full potential.

The university is one of the largest employers in the city and currently employs around 7,000 people, spanning a range of academic, professional, technical, manual and clerical roles.

Heather Paver, director of Human Resources at the university, said: “We already attract a high calibre of staff from across the city, region and country to work at the university – and the apprenticeship scheme will allow us to expand the range of opportunities available to young people from Birmingham and the West Midlands who are at the start of their careers.

“The training they receive will enable them to develop their skills and work towards a recognised qualification which will, in turn, enable the university to continue to build our skilled workforce across all areas.”