Pitchfest: Mostafa Hashem of GeoMingle

Pitchfest: Mostafa Hashem of GeoMingle

Describing his business as a dating app mixed with LinkedIn Mostafa Hashem, founder and managing director of GeoMingle, is allowing professionals to meet up and collaborate through his new app. The firm has been selected to take part in this month's pitch fest in Birmingham. He caught up with BQ to tell us a little bit more about the "Tinder for business"...

Describe your business in no more than 100 words.

When Dating apps are mixed with LinkedIn the result is GeoMingle. You can think of GeoMingle as the tinder for business or a location based LinkedIn.

GeoMingle is a location based mobile networking app that allows professionals sharing the same location to network. GeoMingle focuses on connecting professionals sharing the same venue such as conference events, business parks, departure terminals, train stations, etc...

It not only allows people to connect with one another but also to everything happening around them within their current location through our geofeeds (location based news feed).


What prompted you to enter Pitchfest?

Great opportunity to market GeoMingle, raise investment, acquire new users and network with other entrepreneurs.



What are you looking to fund with this investment?

Software Development, Marketing and salaries.



Who inspires you to do what you do?




Have you explored any other avenues of funding?

Angel Investors.



How do you differentiate your business from others?

Filling the gap in the market, customer focus, technology used and the team behind GeoMingle.



Where do you see your company in five years time?

Reaching 25+ million users and becoming one of the fastest growing startups in the UK.



Which customers are you working with at the minute?

6000+ users the majority are from the UK but we are also starting to get lots of downloads from USA, Ireland, Dubai and Bahrain.



What’s your proudest entrepreneurial achievement so far?
I have two main achievements:

-          2012 founded the first freelance website in the Middle East with 30,000+ users and raising angel and VC investment rounds.

-          2015 Sponsored by Coventry University to remain in the UK and start GeoMingle in the UK.


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