Pitchfest: Ben Simpson of Fixers Travel

Pitchfest: Ben Simpson of Fixers Travel

Pitchfest finalist Fixers Travel is an online travel, booking and inspiration platform, described by co-founder Ben Simpson as a "Not On The High Street" for travel. He caught up with BQ ahead of this month's event...

Describe your business in no more than 100 words.
 An online travel booking and inspiration platform, not on the high street for travel and adventure.

What prompted you to enter Pitchfest?
Three things:
1)      We are actively seeking investment to support our development.
2)      The opportunity to develop our pitch with advice and support of the team behind Pitchfest
3)      We have recently moved to Birmingham and are looking to connect with like minded people and other start ups.

What are you looking to fund with this investment?
The investment will be used to assist us in reaching 1400 bookings in 2017 and a turnover of £900k, allowing us a runway to work on our platform development, product > market fit, customer development and our profitability. 

Who inspires you to do what you do?
Eric Ries  author of Lean Start up,  inspired us to launch early and start learning which has worked out to be the best thing we ever did.
Gary Vee author and entrepreneur has inspired us to really focus on our strengths, with a background in events we harnessed our skills and used an event to give our business traction.

Have you explored any other avenues of funding?
We have invested £15,000 personally, boot strapped Fixers to our existing business significantly reducing our overheads, we have ran a profitable event to raise funds contributing to our development.

How do you differentiate your business from others?
We have a strong brand and personality that resonates well with our target audience in addition we utilise built a clever piece of technology which makes the experience with us online highly personal and bespoke to our user in customer interviews this has been the key reason identified as to why they have booked with us as opposed to our competitors.



Where do you see your company in five years time?
Increasing our market share of the online travel and activity booking market globally year on year.

Who would your dream customers be?
Anyone looking for an extraordinary holiday.


How far is your productservice away from being market ready?
We are online, we are on sale and our customer love what we do. With over 1000 nights and over 800 activities booked with us in 2016.


What is the one thing you hope investors take away from your pitch?
That with little funding we have launched an online travel booking platform and proven we can make sales. Not easy in a highly competitive market, often dominated by the ‘big players’. 

Which customers are you working with at the minute?
We are currently predominantly focussed on the young professional, urbanite who is time precious but experience hungry. Looking for more from their holidays.

What’s your proudest entrepreneurial achievement so far?

Throwing a party in the Sahara Desert North Africa, to grab attention and launch our business