Coalition delivers impressive performance

Coalition delivers impressive performance

After a successful career as a sports coach Dave Cripps wanted to start his own business to allow him to spend more time with his young family. Using his savings and expertise in the field, he set up Coalition Performance, a training gym with a difference.

Coalition Performance prides itself on being different; it is a training gym which offers a personalised experience based on science and results, rather than fads and trends.

Dave told BQ: “We bring together like minded people who are committed to achieving unrivalled results in how their body looks, feels and performs.

“We have a member capacity of 100, not 5000, meaning we offer a personal experience, and every time our team members train with us they’re coached using the latest science, not the latest fads.“

At only one year old the business is already showing signs of steady growth, Dave said: “I used my savings to cover start-up costs, nothing else.

“From being totally self-funded we’re now hitting a monthly turnover of approximately £12,000 with a healthy profit margin, in only a year.”

As well as helping his customers achieve their personal fitness goals, Dave has some goals of his own for the future of Coalition Performance.

Speaking about what he hopes to have achieved in five year’s time, he said: “Two nationally recognised training facilities, noted as a leader and innovator, with hundreds of team members across the UK who we coach remotely via distance coaching.”

Although Coalition Performance has gone from strength to strength in its first year, Dave says it hasn’t always been easy; he is currently on board Entrepreneurial Spark and credits his enabler and the other entrepreneurs with being a great support network.

When asked what his advice would be to other start-up businesses, he said: “Back yourself, with genuine belief, passion and determination in what you do.

“Listen to incredibly successful people who say this too, it makes you feel better knowing even the biggest have had immense challenges. 

“Use mentors and people who have travelled a similar journey to you and succeeded, learn from their triumphs and also their mistakes.” 


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