Midlands business bridges tech skills gap

Midlands business bridges tech skills gap

Technology specialist, The Emerald Group, is leading local efforts as part of a nationwide campaign to bridge the digital skills gap.

The Warwickshire Company will be opening up its doors to local school children as part of Tech Week, an innovative national programme launched by the Tech Partnership.

Events are taking place across the country this week as businesses and educational institutions offer opportunities to young people aged between the ages of 10 and 19.

The initiative aims to take school children outside of the learning environment and into businesses to give them the chance to gain real experience of how digital skills translate into a business environment.

Research from YouGov reports that whilst the UK’s young people are digitally savvy, almost 50% of senior decision makers believe school leavers do not know how to translate these skills for work purposes. 

Tech Week is a national programme which encourages technology companies to open their doors to young people from all backgrounds to give them a taste of life at work, while simultaneously helping businesses to access and develop technology skills they need for the future.

Sarah Windrum, CEO at The Emerald Group said: “The Emerald Group is excited to be taking such an active role in such an important initiative. While an increasing number of businesses agree that the digital skills gap is a growing concern, there is less cohesion in how the problem should be tackled.

“We believe that the most effective way to nurture talent and provide young people with the skills sought after by employers is by providing the opportunities for hands on experience, and an understanding of how digital skills can be translated into a work setting”

Lalage Clay, head of communications for the Tech Partnership said: “When it comes to encouraging young people to consider further education or a career in technology, nothing is more motivating than real-life experience of the digital workplace.

“Tech Week is being run by, and for, employers up and down the country, enabling them to show school students directly how creative, exciting and worthwhile tech roles are. It’s great to see employers like the Emerald Group taking part: it’s an example of how businesses can work together to solve a problem that affects them all.” 


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