Husband and wife team tackle HGV driver shortage

Husband and wife team tackle HGV driver shortage

A Birmingham-based husband and wife team are aiming to tackle the current national HGV driver shortage by launching their own driver training business- Blue Triangle Training.

The business will take aspiring HGV drivers through the necessary steps to learn the skills necessary to gain their HGV or LGV licenses.

Co-founder Neil Thomas has spent his entire working career in the transport sector, and decided to turn his long-standing business idea into a reality when he was faced with redundancy.

The company, located in Garretts Green, is run alongside his wife Mary Thomas and has created two full time jobs.

The pair turned to Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (BCC) for start-up support, which they received as part of the Start & Grow programme, exposing the pair to one to one training, mentoring and networking opportunities.

Mary said: “It’s still early days, but I can already see that Neil is enjoying greater job satisfaction and feels more in control.

“Neil has wanted to run his own business for some time, we knew that he would regret it if he didn’t give it a go. It’s still early days for the company, but we’re looking forward to the future.”


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