Moving on up

Moving on up

After identifying problems in the relocation business they both worked for, Shelley Lloyd and Stuart Beaty decided to take matters in their own hands and set up their own business, Celsium. BQ caught up with them to talk taking risks, being your own boss, and the challenges of going it alone.

Shelley and Stuart were the Global Supply Chain Manager and Operations Manager of a large relocations company, and after spotting some problems at strategic and operational level, they decided to look for solutions themselves.

Stuart said: “We were so passionate for the business to develop that we prepared a detailed improvement plan to help it reach its potential. However, this was essentially dismissed by senior management. It was a little too avant-garde, perhaps; best not upset the status quo.

“Our frustration grew and over a particularly painful client implementation, Shelley and I looked at each other and said, ‘We could do it so much better than this’ and hence was ignited the Celsium spark.”

Celsium provides international immigration and relocation solutions, as well as domestic and inbound UK relocation services to organisations relocating employees to and from anywhere in the world.

Shelley explained what sets Celsium apart from other relocation companies, she said: “We allow our clients to set the hours and time zones in which they need us to operate, and we use a tracking tool that allows all stakeholders in the relocation process to communicate transparently in real time. We are also the commercial partner for relocation to the Commonwealth Trade Initiative.”

The duo’s biggest achievement so far has been working with the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council after it launched The Commonwealth Trade Initiative, a three-year programme which was designed to facilitate and increase trade throughout the 53 states of the Commonwealth. Stuart said: “Out of the blue, the CWEIC approached us about supplying our services to organisations that were signed up to the platform – 25,000 and growing daily. They had researched us, liked our ethos and approach to business and found us to be a perfect fit for the programme. We spotted this as an enormous opportunity and jumped at the chance!”

Although Celsium has celebrated success since it started, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Stuart explained, “At first, it can be immensely frightening – and it was. When we initially left the reasonably safe environment of a regular wage, we did have a few ‘what have we done?’ moments, but today there is no looking back.”

Stuart and Shelley even have advice for budding entrepreneurs who are thinking about leaving work to go it alone, Stuart said: “Firstly, don’t leave secure employment or spend loads of money on prototype products and development until you have established there is definite demand for your product or service.

“Secondly, whatever you are offering needs to be different, and finally, if you want to hit the big time, go for investment. Sure, you can grow organically at your own steady pace but if you want to grow quickly you will need investment from somewhere.  

“It isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, and you have to be disciplined, focused, and wear all of the clichéd different hats, but it is immensely rewarding and fulfilling to know that you have created something from nothing and that it actually works and customers want to buy your service.” 


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