Uber invests in Birmingham tech firm

Uber invests in Birmingham tech firm

Private taxi service Uber is investing in a Birmingham-based start-up which provides a “back-up memory” app for people who live with daily difficulty recalling essential information.

Memrica, based at Innovation Birmingham Campus, is one of 4 European UberPITCH champions chosen from 4,000 entries across 37 cities and 21 countries.

The UberPITCH initiative gave UK entrepreneurs in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh the chance to request a car with an investor in the back, pitch their idea and receive feedback during a 20-minute ride.

Memrica scored its spot in the top 4 with its concept behind Prompt, a service which emulates the way memory works by collating personal context and shared history about people, places and events.

The technology aims to boost confidence for people who are anxious about forgetting essential information, and ensure that they are well prepared and feel in control of their day.

Families and carers can help manage the system using a web dashboard. Analytics track user behaviour and can send alerts if changes are noticed.

The Alzheimer’s Society and brain injury charity Headway have supported research and testing.

Founder of Memrica Mary Matthews said: “Meeting Travis in Berlin was a fantastic experience and he was incredibly generous with his time, talking through our business challenges and giving advice based on his experience.

“That was so valuable in its own right - and now to have Uber as an investor and the endorsement of one of the world’s smartest entrepreneurs is incredible!”

Wendy Mitchell, who has been testing the app is very enthusiastic about its potential. She said:“As someone living positively with dementia I found Prompt easy to use. It cleverly builds reminders and notes for me, with pictures and detail that are a real help when I'm out and about.

“It's great to see businesses like Memrica working to help people live well with early stage dementia and involving them at each stage of the development.”

Travis Kalanick CEO and co-founder of Uber added: “Being an entrepreneur is never easy, even the best ideas can struggle to get the exposure and support they need to succeed. I’m excited to work with Memrica to help them reach their enormous potential.”



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