Budding entrepreneur makes creative lifestyle into a career

Budding entrepreneur makes creative lifestyle into a career

A Coventry-based lifestyle brand has come into bloom after receiving start-up support from the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

Online retailer Seasonal Soul, set up by budding entrepreneur Rhianydd Jones, sells lifestyle and wellbeing products to encourage a more balanced lifestyle. The start-up was inspired by Rhianydd’s main interests, creativity and wellbeing.

In June, Seasonal Soul launched a new online shop consisting of a collection of home furnishings, accessories and gifts, with prints and fabrics all designed by Rhianydd, and printed and manufactured in the UK.

Rhianydd, who previously held positions within business development at leading retailer George, said setting up her own business was not only a professional journey but also a personal one. She said: “I think everyone at some stage in life experiences a turning point where a life-changing decision needs to be made.”

“Despite having a good job, I was craving more creativity and a better work-life balance so the time was right to take back the reigns and do what I really wanted to do – own my own business.”

The Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber supported Rhianydd by providing guidance with business planning, forecasting and suggesting local business leads – including one of its previous start-up clients, Andy Mosely, of Ravon Creative Media, who assisted with professional photography for the Seasonal Soul website.

Rhianydd said: “Growth of the online collection is in progress, as we’re now working with the UK Trade and Investment team at the Chamber to look at wholesale opportunities and expand into international markets.”

“Building any brand takes time and the credentials of its look and feel are priority, but thanks to the Chamber’s support and putting me in touch with other local businesses, I now firmly believe the foundations for Seasonal Soul are well established.

Wendy Brown, business adviser at the Chamber, said: “As we continue to lead busy lives increasingly dependent upon technology, more and more people are looking to return to a simpler life more in tune with nature, so Rhianydd’s venture came at a very opportune time.

“Rhianydd showed vision and passion for the brand and this approach, coupled with our start-up support, has established a solid foundation for Seasonal Soul from which it will grow long-term.”

The Chamber provides free guidance to start-ups through workshops and one-to-one mentoring as part of Coventry and Warwickshire Business Support Programme, which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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