The Lighting Consultants takes a shine to Redditch

The Lighting Consultants takes a shine to Redditch

A West Midlands-based automotive lighting business has chosen Redditch as its new home, taking a 1,214 sq ft design office in the town, as well as an additional unit for manufacture and assembly.

An automotive lighting business has moved to Redditch after taking a shine to the town’s road links. 

The Lighting Consultants is now based in unit 6 at historic listed building Empire Court following a deal put together by property agents John Truslove. 

The company employs seven people, partnering with other component makers to bring their lighting solutions to fruition.

The firm, headed by managing director Chris Eardley, is predominantly involved in Interior Lighting sector and this covers, ambient, contoursignature & dynamic lighting for the Automotive OEMs.

Key clients include Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Tata Motors & Audi

Project director Richard Shepherd said: “Redditch is central to our client’s main operations and has a good transport network in and out – it is convenient for customers to get to us and convenient for us to get to them.

“And it was also central in relation to where we all live to allow us to journey to work without having to travel too far.”

Previously based around Fort Dunlop in Birmingham, the team wanted a less stressed drive to work while remaining in the heart of the automotive sector.

John Truslove director Ian Parker said: “This is the sort of high technology Company that Redditch is extremely keen to attract.

“Once again the town’s great transport links have pulled in a business which will be of great benefit to the industrial base.”

The Lighting Consultants Ltd has evolved from initial consultancy work in the early days through to low volume manufacturing now. This progress was driven by more and more requests for complicated prototypes to prove out light guide designs.

The company is soon launching its own product range to solve problems identified in the automotive industry and this will encourage further business growth. They are not exclusively automotive, having undertaken projects in the marine sector, and the business is targeting both aerospace and white goods markets.


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