Business community key to West Midlands success

Business community key to West Midlands success

Collaboration and communication with the business community is central to making the West Midlands Combined Authority a success, Chamber delegates have been told.

The WMCA’s vice chair, councillor Peter Lowe, called for businesses to make their voices heard at a joint event held by Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, Black Country Chamber of Commerce and Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.

He also urged delegates at Birmingham’s iCentrum to take part in the Mayoral WMCA Consultation which closes on Sunday.

He said: “The WMCA is open for business and this gives us the opportunity not just to follow other areas of the country but to actually be central in driving the proper devolution agenda.

“The points you have raised are no different to discussions we’ve had with the third sector, the voluntary sector and with other public sectors.

“The issues remain each and the same. It is about how do we make added value? How can you feed back to ourselves in order to make the West Midlands Combined Authority a success? I think one of the things we need to do is to make sure we have got that communication in place and we continue to share that information.” 

Chief executive Martin Reeves said: “The sense for the West Midlands is that this is the most well-founded economic plan in terms of comments, business data and projections,” he said.

“These figures are based not on some kind of intuitive feel or some sense of what Greater Manchester or London are doing. These are based on hard data of where the growth in this area can be sustained. This is a chance to put a marker down and say we are going to deliver something very special for the West Midlands.” 

Adrian Wright, Black Country Chamber of Commerce president said: “Collaboration and communication were certainly the key words of this event.

“The WMCA represents a potentially game-changing partnership between the great cities and urban hubs in our region. But for their ambitious aims for economic growth and job creation to become a reality, they will need to meaningfully engage the region’s vibrant business community.

“We, and our neighbouring Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, look forward to continuing to work together on connecting members and businesses into this important debate.”


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