BPS Birmingham Future Announce New Leadership Programme with Aston Business School

BPS Birmingham Future Announce New Leadership Programme with Aston Business School

The new BPS Birmingham Future Chair Tara Tomes, who owns Public Relations consultancy EAST VILLAGE.; has announced the organisation’s new partnership with Aston Business School that will offer members an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Applications will open in September for the BPS Birmingham Future Leadership Development Programme. During its first year, the initiative is looking to recruit up to 30 young professionals to take part in the nine month Programme. Free and open exclusively for members, the Programme has been designed for professionals already in, or moving to, a senior position within their firm and with at least six years’ commercial experience.

The Programme, delivered by Aston Business School faculty, will cover a wide range of techniques to develop leadership skills and style. Aston Business School prides itself on providing an inspirational education experience, sharing insightful and practical advice on business challenges. Participants will learn something new or gain a fresh perspective from Aston’s expertise, latest research and recommendations to strengthen their business and professional development.

On launching the new Programme Tara commented; “I have a wide ranging set of objectives to achieve during my year, not least ensuring that our newly launched Leadership Development Programme is a great success. BPS Birmingham Future has a major role to play in not only supporting young professionals working in the sector now but in facilitating their development as they progress their careers, in addition to identifying, nurturing and encouraging young talent for the future prosperity of our growing sector.”

Triple-accredited Aston Business School have been conducting pioneering research into modern business and management issues for over 60 years, making them on the longest established research based business schools in the UK. Committed to generating research that makes a sustainable difference to people and orgranisations, the collaboration with BPS Birmingham Future exemplifies the Schools mission to deliver impact applied research that contributes to business excellence. Each session will share cutting edge tools and interventions the School’s researchers have developed that deliver tangible commercial benefits, making a lasting contribution to business and management success.

BPS Birmingham Future and Aston Business School’s new partnership reflects a shared vision of advancing senior professionals’ capabilities within the region; providing today’s high performers with greater opportunities and skills to be the next strategic influencers and policy makers.

To discuss the Programme and business partnerships with Aston Business School, please contact abs_partnerships@aston.ac.uk. More information can be found at bpsbirmingham.co.ukleadership-development.



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