Fit for the silver screen

Fit for the silver screen

Gary Verity, chief executive of tourism agency Welcome to Yorkshire, takes a Porsche 911 for a spin and discovers an experience straight out of Hollywood.

Y15mots INSETDriving a Porsche 911 is the type of stuff you dream about as a kid – cruising along the street in one of the most recognisable cars on the road, past and present, is every boy’s fantasy.

So to be asked to test drive one by Business Quarter was a chance to fulfil something I’d long wished to do. I had an open mind as I approached the car park to get behind the wheel of the new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S – which was provided thanks to the good folk at JCT 600.

And after spying it parked alongside the regular staples of most car parks, it certainly stood out from the crowd. For a tall chap like me, getting into this sleek, low number is definitely not something I’d fancy trying with stiff legs after a run.

But once inside, you feel like you’ve dropped into a cockpit rather than a car. That’s no bad thing mind you, and this is all part of the experience in what is by no means an ordinary car.

Staring out from behind the dashboard, you can’t help but feel you’re part of the set of some Hollywood movie - despite being a cold day in northern England – especially given the historic profile of the 911.

I may be biased, but Yorkshire is certainly the perfect backdrop for the striking looks that the 911 shows off and our beautiful county is home to pretty much every kind of road you can possibly conjure up.

So it’s perfect for putting the car through its paces. Getting down to details, the raised central console certainly adds to the comfort and ease of operating the numerous buttons which wouldn’t look out of place on some interplanetary spacecraft.

The large central screen was also clear and easy to navigate through, including when I attached my Blackberry to its Bluetooth-ready system. The easy-to-operate touch screen added to the smooth user experience. But, while these are all nice elements to have to have in a car, the key question is how did it drive? Well the answer, in a nutshell, is; quick.

The responsive four wheel drive means the fatser you go (staying within the speed limits of course), the more the engine kicks in as the car grips to the road like glue.

As I mentioned, here in Yorkshire we have some of the most varied roads in the UK, and the Porsche took the hills, bends and dips all in its elegant stride. The acceleration was excellent and smooth too, continually holding the road well. As you’d expect from Porsche, it’s aesthetically pleasing and comfortable even for a tall chap like me.

A neat touch is the parking sensors too. If you’ve invested several thousand pounds of your hard earned cash, the last thing you want to do is prang it while trying to squeeze into a parking space.

Ultimately, the Porsche reminded me of our very own county – amazing to look at and instantly memorable and hard to leave behind.

The Porsche 911 C4S Coupe Gary Verity of Welcome to Yorkshire drove was supplied by Porsche Centre Leeds, The Boulevard, City One West Business Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 6BG, Tel: 0844 844 3355,, The Porsche 911 (991) C4S Coupe is priced from £88,500