A towering challenge awaits developers

A towering challenge awaits developers

The hunt is on for a developer to transformation the iconic Tower Works, Leeds.

The Homes and Communities Agency and Leeds City Council are working collaboratively to bring the 1.01 acre site to market, and a development competition is due to start in early April.

Including the historic Engine House and three Italianate towers, it is a key site in the city’s 136 hectare South Bank development – one of the biggest regeneration projects in Europe.

Suitable for high-quality residential, office and mixed-use development, it’s hoped that outline proposals from interested developers will be invited by May/June and the final development partners chosen by the end of 2014.

While the Engine House will form part of the plans, the Italianate towers will remain under council ownership as heritage assets.

Holbeck Urban Village is the hub for the creative and digital sector and has 150 businesses and 2,500 people working there and it is hoped that the competition will help stimulate further regeneration in the area.

It is already set to benefit from the creation of a new £17.3m southern entrance to Leeds City Station. With work already underway and due for completion in spring 2015, it is estimated that up to 20% of Leeds’ rail station passengers would benefit from the new entrance.

The South Bank is also the chosen site for the new HS2 station which, together with the current station, would make it one of the busiest transport interchanges in the country.