Style over speed

Style over speed

Dave Helm, Sales and Marketing Director and founder of Blue Logic is bowled over by the style, class and comfort of the Maserati Ghibli, but something’s missing…

When BQ approached me about the opportunity to test drive a brand new Maserati Ghibli that hadn’t even been released yet, I couldn’t wait to spend the weekend taking to the roads and really getting to grips with it.

Awaiting its arrival took me back to feeling like a young boy, heart racing and butterflies, eager to catch a glimpse for the first time. I have to say it definitely lived up to my high expectation, sleek and shining from the sun reflecting off the shapely exterior and with a long, powerful and aggressive front end; it oozed style and class.

The interior was equally as impressive, with quilted leather and velvet seating, top of the range mod cons and of course the new car smell, it felt just as I imagined a new Maserati would feel… luxurious.

Maseratti Extra

The 8.5 inch touch screen control centre which was situated perfectly in the middle of the dashboard was easy to use and had an array of different functions, however the graphics looked slightly old fashioned and lacked the sharpness you’d expect.

Unusually the indicator was combined with the lights and windscreen wiper functions into one main control just to the left of the bigger-than-average steering wheel, which I have to say I struggled to get the hang of to start with, but soon became manageable after a few attempts.

The front seating was spacious and comfortable and although I didn’t pay too much attention to the rest of the car once I was in the driving seat, I did notice it was a slightly different story in the rear. The back seats looked compact and tight and to fit 3 passengers next to each other would definitely be a squeeze; for a five-door saloon you’d expect a little more space.

Switching on the engine with the push of a button, the car seemed to burst with life, so I did what every person who loves cars would do, I opened the windows to hear it roar.

To my disappointment the diesel engine, although it sounded better than most, lacked the power I was hoping for. It felt heavy and lacked vigour; don’t get me wrong the car was a real head-turner, there just seemed to be something missing.

Out on the road the automatic gearbox flicked seamlessly between the eight-speed gears and the soft car suspension was ideal for a slow and comfortable long drive, but it lacked the poise, precision and confidence in corners and country roads. Even in sports mode the V6 engine seemed to struggle to get power behind it.

The breaks on the other hand were as expected for a sports car - sharp and responsive to the lightest touch.

Overall the car looked the part, people noticed it everywhere I drove but it was lacking the traditional Maserati heart and soul that makes you want to jump in, get behind the wheel and power it to the max.

So for those who are looking for a stylish, classy and comfortable drive this is a great car for you, if you can spare 60K, but for all those who want a faster ride maybe give this one a miss.