Save time, make money and grow the business

Time is what you’re selling your customers, that’s what Chris Blair over at Thirsk Furniture will tell you.

After all, you’ve not got a lot of control over the price of your raw materials but you can affect how much time you’ve spent on your manufacture.

Chris’s company mass-produces wooden tables and stools for some big national names including KFC, Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurants and Waitrose’s restaurants.

Wanting to free up his staff’s time to take on more orders, Chris decided to invest in a CNC router that can cut, finish and drill holes in wood in a fraction of the time it would take a human. It means that Chris can process his client’s orders faster, free up his team members, and grow his company by taking on new business.

In fact, having the CNC router meant that Chris was able to take on a new member of staff; that’s why our Business Grant Programme covered part of the router’s cost. It’s not saving him money but it is saving him time. That’s how Chris grows and our Business Grant Programme can help you grow too.