Top signs that you should be outsourcing print management

Top signs that you should be outsourcing print management

Maintaining printers in-house can be a time-consuming business. Just the basics of managing and storing consumables such as ink and toner, fixing machines when they break down and keeping track of costs can present quite a burden that only expands as your business grows.

So, when is the right time to think about outsourcing the job? Arena Group’s Gary Putson outlines some key signals.

IT Helpdesk Calls
If your IT Manager is seeing an upsurge in support calls relating to printers then it is well worth considering some external help. Outsourced machines are maintained by a provider who can deliver specialist guidance and a dedicated service team to ensure that machines are kept well maintained and up to date, minimising down time. This means your in-house team can dedicate their time to higher priority tasks.

Costly Consumables
You may have cupboards full of printer toner cartridges and an administrator spending hours sourcing it to keep your printers running. A third party provider can handle all of this for you. Remote monitoring software means the end of ordering replacement toner as a new cartridge can be despatched just as a current one is running out; saving you both storage space and time.

Absent review processes
Do you know how much you currently spend on print and copy? Do you know who your heaviest users are and act quickly to address inefficiencies and spiralling costs? Do you regularly asses your infrastructure to ensure that it is still suitable for your evolving needs?

At the outset a good external company will assess your workforce’s print and copy behaviour to report on costs and any inefficiencies that can be addressed. This initial investigation is without obligation to purchase anything. A broad array of things are considered including which machines are most heavily used, associated energy consumption, the types of documents printed, how to improve the maintenance of your devices and so on. A comprehensive report is delivered to you with a proposed plan of action towards improvement.

Stifled innovation
Most managers will be able to give you a list of projects that they believe would greatly add value but will take significant resources, time and energy to implement. Often, a review of print and copy infrastructure falls into this category – we know it can deliver cost savings and efficiency benefits but the project itself can seem daunting. Outsourcing is a way to access the resources and expertise to make this innovation happen, removing the time consuming tasks of planning and implementation, hiring new people, or training existing staff by bringing in a qualified and experienced external team.

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