Business visions: Delorenzi Films start-up story

When you choose your career path, sometimes it's not as easy to get started as you'd like. But it can be those businesses borne out of necessity rather than desire which achieve the most in the long run. This is Delorenzi films' start up story.

"I’ve been making films since I was 15," Matthew tells us. "Having been able to produce my own work on a film studies module at college, I started to see a real future for myself as a film maker. I followed this up by going to university in London to study Film and TV."

Following your passion is what we all aim for in life, but in some careers it’s much harder than others. "Getting work in this field with very little on-the-job experience is difficult. It’s incredibly competitive and poorly paid for new starters," he said. "After graduating, I quickly realised I couldn’t afford to stay in London without having to take a minimum wage job unrelated to what I really wanted to do. Whilst I knew this might be a necessity, I knew it wouldn’t help me pursue any projects or develop my career."

But, sometimes you simply have to do what you need to do to get by. The son of an Argentine mother, Matthew embraced travel and found himself living in Sweden and working as a chef, saving hard in order to buy the equipment he needed to set up by himself. He came home with the essentials: "A camera, a couple of lenses and a decent laptop so I could edit my work."

"In my mind, operating as a business was this huge complex thing that only people with money could do," Matthew says, echoing the feelings of so many people who want to start their own business but aren’t sure how to go about it. Settling in West Yorkshire, he went to seek out any help and support available to him and found the Prince’s Trust.

"If there was a single catalyst which made my career what it is today it would have to be The Prince’s Trust. Not only did they provide me with my loan but they also paired me up with a mentor who was able to put me in touch with her contacts. These turned out to be major production companies who produce commercial content, some of whom had initial help from The Trust too.

"Watching the way these Directors and CEO’s operate helped me understand how to be an effective leader in business and provided me with valuable experience to further my practical understanding of business and film making."

Delorenzi Films was established, with Matthew’s working life being punctuated by the presence of mentors and professionals offering advice and words of wisdom. Having produced videos for corporate as well as casual clients, his work for Theakston’s is instantly memorable.

That’s not to say there aren’t sometimes challenges along the way. With modern technology allowing all of us to have some access to video technology, it’s no surprise that Matthew is frustrated by clients who want "The Life of Pi [filmed on the budget of] a cup of coffee." But he’s come to understand that he is his own USP. People are buying into him, his personality, his filmmaking skills, how he works and operates.

He’s working towards saving for a new, better camera so he can continue to expand, and, like so many of us, battling through the joys of credit control. "Oh, and tax returns!" he adds, when we ask about the parts of business he enjoys the least. And he’s on the lookout for a rich Saudi prince who might want a gap year expedition to Thailand documenting. Well, it’s good to dream...


In partnership with: Startup Britain