A start-up making sense of That Legal Stuff

Ensuring companies are safe from legal flaws, a Yorkshire start-up is aiming to make legal documentation easier for businesses. Entrepreneur Hitesh Mistry told BQ all about ‘That Legal Stuff’.

After participating in the StartUp Britain tour in York last week, BQ caught up with Hitesh Mistry to find out what it was he had to offer with his start-up company That Legal Stuff.

Speaking about what That Legal Stuff offers, Hitesh said: “We generate legal documentation for UK businesses, such as terms and conditions, cookie and privacy policy. 

“Our USPs are affordability and we provide automatic updates. We will be introducing other legal documentation for different types of businesses such as ecommerce, SaaS etc as we continue to grow.”

Hitesh launched That Legal Stuff for exactly the same reason as many other entrepreneurs we have interviewed in the past, he had spotted a gap in the market waiting to be filled. He said: “I’ve always had a passion for technology (software) and how that can be used to solve problems and enable a business to become more efficient, save time and money and help them online.

“I’ve built websites for clients in the past and noticed that there was a gap in the market.

“It has been a dream to work for myself, now I believe I have the ideas to go for it. Drive and motivation has never been an issue.

“I also understand that If I don’t work, I don’t get paid! I’ve always done stuff on the side to earn an additional income (PC repair company, website builds, internet marketing) on top of my day job.”

Hitesh was able to put money aside from his previous roles to help self-fund his new venture, meaning he didn’t apply for funding or loans.

He added: “The business was self-funded through savings and money earned from website sales. My background is software project management so I had a good grasp of how the software should work – I simply sourced a developer to build it for me.

“I’ve always been resourceful – therefore any tech ideas I have, I can explore with ease.”

Upon looking for support, Hitesh stated his main port of call was making the most of “Twitter, LinkedIn and local networking events” to help him grow the business.

His next big target is achieving 10 sales per day, which he believes is more than achievable and stated his biggest challenge so far was launching the business with a limited budget.

“The best thing about being a start-up is that I can work when I want to, be my own boss and not have to work 9-5 for someone else!

“The worst thing is that the flow of income isn’t always there and therefore sacrifices have been made in terms of lifestyle until I get the business going.”

Hitesh believes the affordability of his services is what makes the business unique and will be its unique selling point, as well as providing automatic changes as laws change.

When asked where he sees the company in a year’s time, he said: “I would like to have a decent amount of clients signed up.

“Also I’m hoping to expand the product range to cater for different online business types. International law is on the road map too!”

BQ look forward to covering Hitesh’s story with That Legal Thing as the company continues to grow from its York base.