Novelty cushions boost family start-up

Novelty cushions boost family start-up

Emoji Cushion Lovers [now Love Bomb Cushions] started when Sarah Agar-Brennan’s daughter received an emoji style cushion for her 14th birthday. The smiley-faced cushion was poorly made and took weeks to arrive in the post but seeing her daughter’s delight for the present, Sarah knew there was a business idea afoot.

With over 20 years’ experience in the toy industry, Sarah set to work sourcing production of her own range of high quality emoji cushions to bring to the UK.

“The cushion I bought was rubbish to be honest but I thought that I have to get these made.” Sarah said.

What started as a small ‘buy and sell’ project has grown to Emoji Cushion Lovers Ltd [now Love Bomb Cushions] and, with help from a Start Up Loan from Business Enterprise Fund (BEF) they have grown quickly into a retail operation.

“We knew we had to grow fast and our family and friends have been working round the clock. BEF have been really important in helping us grow.”

The business has now created Sarah’s husband Carl a full time job, allowing him to leave the corporate world and fully involve himself in the family business.

“We didn’t imagine it but this business has transformed our lives, we now have a life balance and we look forward to seeing where it takes us. With these cushions comes hope!”

Emoji Cushion Lovers [now Love Bomb Cushions] is exploring international markets with interest already from Holland and the USA.

Since opening in September, the business has doubled its warehouse space to satisfy growing demand. They have also launched an in-store selfie booth after partnering with local business Booth Revolution.