Reshoring drive brings fabric production back to Leeds

Reshoring drive brings fabric production back to Leeds

Leeds-based Northern Flags has brought its UK print and finishing operation home to Yorkshire after an 8 year hiatus.

The company previously moved all of its production to the group’s facilities in Poland and Thailand in order to capitalise on lower production costs.

However, recent growth and the need for faster turnaround times have led Northern Flags to invest in a local, wide format facility at home in Yorkshire.

Managing director Iain Clasper-Cotte said: “R.A. Smart of Macclesfield and D-Gen worked alongside us and developed exclusive profiles for our machines, enabling us to match the quality from our Group Digital facility in Poland.

“My highlight of the first launch phase was that we were able to welcome back two of our original seamstresses as part of our sewing team.

“We are creating job opportunities here in Leeds and embracing innovative print technology that is sure to take Northern Flags to the next level.”

In addition Northern Flags has also established a new Pick and Pack Centre to hold large stocks of custom POS and hardware for clients.