No boundaries for SentintoSpace

No boundaries for SentintoSpace

When Alex Baker and Chris Rose launched SentintoSpace, they knew they’d stumbled upon something out of this world.

SentintoSpace specialises in the manufacture and retail of DIY space mission kits, allowing customers to launch their very own space mission.

Initially launching the business to sell their kits to the general public they also noticed an opportunity to break into the corporate sector.

This switch in focus led to the duo working on a plethora of projects including national and international adverts for some of the world’s leading brands.

A prime example of this is their recent work with Tadcaster brewer John Smith’s, which saw the duo launch the first ever British beer can into space.

The duo have also worked with the likes of Natwest, the Savoy hotel, the motion picture Gravity, and many more (did you ever wonder how the bear in the Specsavers advert got into space?)

Six years on, the company is continuing to grow with a move into a new office in Sheffield and two new full-time members of staff.

Speaking to BQ, co-founder Chris Rose said: “We’re extremely excited about now being in a position to spread our wings a little more and take on ever more complex and exciting projects.

“The team is growing steadily and with our new larger offices nearing completion we are able to continually develop along with our surroundings.”

After seeing the success of diversifying into other markets pay off, the duo are now exploring new opportunities and are looking to break into the education sector.

Rose added: “With more space and more minds on the job we are able to devote ourselves to evolving various facets of what we do, from the technology we use to the services we provide.

“In terms of future plans we are nearing completion of the next generation of kits which will be very sleek; these we intend to make available on the high street and can see these finding a home quite neatly in most gadget or gift stores.

“We are also keen to drive the education side of things forward. The projects we conduct with schools are a fantastic learning tool for the students.

“We are looking to get this into as many schools as possible as it not only ticks all the curriculum milestones, but is very engaging and something the kids will look back on fondly in the future.”

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Take a look at their most recent campaign with John Smith’s below: