£100,000 investment brings expansion to Adomast

£100,000 investment brings expansion to Adomast

A specialist Barnsley manufacturer is moving in to larger premises to ramp up production and extend its product range.

Adomast, which supplies chemical products to the UK construction industry, is moving into the Carlton Industrial Estate next month, premises more than twice the size of its existing base.

A £100,000 investment in new equipment, including an additional 50 litre storage tank, specialist mixing tanks and a semi-automated filling and dispensing line, will enable the company to increase production, extend the range of products it offers existing customers; and launch a new line of products aimed at new buyers in the trade and DIY market.

Managing director Denise Wolstenholme said: “Now is the perfect time to invest in growth at Adomast. The company has an established reputation as a supplier to the construction industry and we made a huge effort to develop our relationships with UK customers and distributors in order to achieve our increase in sales last year.”

Denise added: “Traditionally all our products have been sold to customers in giant 200 litre drums, but we realised that, packaged and presented on a smaller scale, we could supply a different market and create a new income stream for the business.

“In our new home we’ll have the capacity to manufacture more product and hope our new venture will quickly generate even more demand in our new market. We hope for an additional £1 million worth of sales through this initiative within 12 months.”

Adomast’s workforce has grown from seven to 11 in the last year too and it plans to create three new jobs in 2016 after working with the Enterprising Barnsley team.