Getting down to business in the Humber

Getting down to business in the Humber

The feeling of community has never been stronger on both banks of the Humber, as the spotlight of worldwide attention is turned on the area, highlighting the opportunities that are on offer here.

Hundreds of businesses large and small from all corners of the region have chosen Bondholders to amplify their voices – whether sole traders, SMEs, start-ups or multi-nationals operating at a senior management level.

The Bondholder scheme is a powerful network of more than 300 engaged and influential businesses. Meeting throughout the year at Bondholder Breakfasts, they work closely together towards the ultimate goal of promoting the region to create jobs and wealth so that new investors won’t be able to resist bringing their plans here to join a thriving environment in which businesses can prosper.

Every member makes a difference through financial support and being a critically important ambassador for the region. With every new member the message is louder, stronger and travels further, with over 30 million people being reached with positive messages about the Humber through the work of the Bondholder Scheme last year alone.

The Humber region is perhaps the most diverse in the UK and is a microcosm of the whole country, with long-established sectors like manufacturing, logistics and fisheries working alongside game-changing digital, wind power and leisure sectors.

The area has changed and Bondholders has changed with it, growing and developing to reach new businesses in areas that didn’t even exist a decade ago. Such diversity is set against a level of unity, co-operation and collaboration other regions can only dream of achieving – which is the very reason why Bondholders holds such a crucial key to our future prosperity.

City of Culture is the headline-grabbing signal to the rest of the world of how far Hull alone has come and how bold its aspirations are. Amidst tough competition from Dundee, Leicester and Swansea Bay, Hull had shown it could host the UK’s most awe-inspiring cultural event by setting out ambitious plans for a unique and thrilling programme of cultural activity that the whole world will be watching.

The events, led here by the man every city wanted as their team captain, 2012 Olympics opening ceremony maestro Martin Green, are the essential balance to all the commercial activity.

Culture is well recognised as a catalyst for regeneration, inward investment and crucially the bringing together of communities and businesses. Bondholders seeks to harness the opportunities that Hull 2017 presents to the wider region, through media and marketing initiatives to maximise the Humber’s position.

“We understand that whether a business or individual chooses to relocate here, or is already rooted within the region, they expect the full package since lifestyle is as important as industry,” says Anita. “They deserve a strong combination of investment, infrastructure and culture that creates a thriving economy. Alongside this, a major asset is offering quality housing at affordable prices, creating a sense of community and a place where children can be well-educated and trained and build careers here.

“Businesses won’t come here just to be supportive, or just because we have one year of culture. Like Siemens, multi-nationals and SMEs alike will only put down roots if they know they can grow. They need five and ten-year projections to be rock-solid and to feel secure about returns on investments that can take decades to come through.

“That is the wider view of the Bondholders’ mission – to tell the full story chapter by chapter to potential employers and investors.”

Since its inception, Bondholders has been a powerful voice for businesses, whilst also seeking to challenge outside perceptions of the region and to consistently raise awareness of its assets both in the UK and internationally. From business leaders to investors, through to those seeking to live and work here; through its work Bondholders has helped to connect people across the Humber. Core activities include regional and national PR, the development of professional marketing materials, business engagement, events and networking – all with a strong thread of communications.

Being very much of the moment, the Humber is fuelling demand for high quality offices, hotels, restaurants, shops and leisure facilities with new investments being made consistently across these areas – never more so than right now, linked to the City of Culture reign.

With its expertise in demand around the world, the development of a knowledge-rich society has become ever more important to the Humber. Developing and harnessing talent has become a major focus, and linked to the progressive nature of its industrial sectors, investment in educational excellence and leading training facilities is being made within the region to solidify its legacy. Bondholders work is also about winning the hearts and minds of the people who live here and the ones looking at the region from across the world.