Software firm maps route 'from field to fork'

Software firm maps route 'from field to fork'

A North Yorkshire software firm specialising in food supply chain data now allows consumers to map the journey their food has made.

Harrogate-headquartered Authenticate Information Systems has spent the last two year working with a growing numbers of farmers, raw materials processors, food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to gather and share food transparency information on its cloud-based platform, which is able to show the entire product journey from its place of origin through to the consumer.

Paul Marples, chief executive of Authenticate IS, said: "With our deep understanding of the food industry and the challenges of supply chain mapping, we have been able to develop a unique and easy to use software solution designed to enable food companies to demonstrate product integrity and deal with issues around food provenance.

"Increasingly, retailers and regulatory bodies are requiring food manufacturers to provide detailed records of all components within their processes with customer protocols usually including time-consuming risk assessment questionnaires and unannounced audits.

"With all of their product data, from internal audits and order notes to safety certificates and accreditations, housed on a single platform, our clients can in turn give access to their customers, so exceeding their compliance requirements and providing full transparency for the future."

Developed by experts with direct experience of working in the food industry, the digital platform has been designed to enable food companies to demonstrate transparency, allowing them to map and manage data flow throughout their entire supply chain so ensuring the highest possible levels of compliance and risk evaluation.