Students buzz about business

Students buzz about business

Twelve young students from Ripon Grammar School have set up their own company, Revelation, selling handmade ‘bee hotels’ in a bid to tackle the declining bee population in the UK.

The company, headed up by 17-year-old Will Stobbs, uses naturally sourced materials to create a safe home for lone bees.

The handmade Bee Hotels also work with local firms, sourcing timber from near-by stockists to create the ‘hotel’ frame filled, which is then filled with bamboo for the bees to reside in.

As well as running their first business the year 12 students have been learning about time management, also finding time to study for their AS exams.

Patrick Moon, who works as part of the IT and operations department at Revelation, said: “It’s very overwhelming. Finding the balance is difficult but hopefully I will manage it.”

As part of the venture, the young entrepreneurs have also been visiting primary schools in the area to educate them about the decreasing bee population, distributing their own educational craft book.

Marketing director Immie Bligh, aged 16, said: “We have had an amazing year running our business, it has given us a glimpse into what we could do after the competition and we have many great ideas of how we can expand our business in the coming months.”

Revelation has been set up as part of the Young Enterprise competition, designed to help young people build their own company, from finance to marketing and sales.