New cranes support £24m Yorkshire Water project

New cranes support £24m Yorkshire Water project

As part of a £24m project to improve Sheffield’s drinking water, Yorkshire Water is taking delivery of two 30m tower cranes at Rivelin water treatment works in Sheffield to ensure water quality progresses as planned.

The scheme to improve drinking water quality in South Yorkshire began last November, and has seen Yorkshire Water invest money in a new underground building house clarifying settlement tanks, which acts as the first phase of the water treatment process.

The new cranes will be used to lift heavy sections of the new building into place.

Simon Balding, Yorkshire Water project manager, said: “Both cranes will be in use whilst we construct the new building.

“The size of the cranes demonstrates the scale of the project and the investment we are making at this site to ensure excellent drinking water quality for our customers in Sheffield.”

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The first of the cranes was delivered to the construction site on 25 May.

The second crane will be delivered in late June and both will remain at Rivelin for approximately 14 months.

The project is being managed and constructed by Mott MacDonald Bentley and is due for completion by the end of 2017.