Indycube launches in Wakefield

Indycube launches in Wakefield

Coworking and creative office space business IndyCube is expanding into England with its first office in Wakefield.

IndyCube offers office space for small businesses, freelancers and remote workers who prefer not to work alone.

It provides workspace in a community of like-minded people, overcoming the problems of solitary working or in small offices or from home or on the road.

The company currently has 27 coworking centres and is a co-operative owned by its members.

People can rent a desk by the day or month and have access to the growing network of IndyCube Centres across the UK.

IndyCube founder Mark Hooper said: “Creating success for small businesses is not about bricks and mortar it’s about flesh and blood - the connections and connectivity you have with the people who share your values, collaborate better and smarter that will breed your success.

“In radically changing times you need to think and work differently. Foremost is having a collaborative mindset and new ways to connect and co-create. You don’t need a business or a workplace - you need a tribe to support your efforts.”

IndyCube uses what it calls a bottom-up approach to business expansion, relying on emergent opportunities through people contacts and available properties to direct its growth.

All of its centres were previously in Wales with Wakefield being the first outside the Principality, with three other centres expected to open across England this year.

The new IndyCube Wakefield is based at the Wakefield Media and Creativity Centre, King Street, and offers 14 desk spaces.