£350,000 boost to help IT recruiter benefit 10,000 firms

£350,000 boost to help IT recruiter benefit 10,000 firms

Leeds-based online recruitment firm Talendrone is aiming to generate income for more than 10,000 UK recruiters after securing a £350,000 investment from Finance Yorkshire.

Founded in 2015 by IT specialist Aman Sood, the firm specialises in recruitment within the IT sector.

Sood explained: "As technology has advanced, the other recruitment technology companies are automating everything to reduce the dependency on recruiters. We are different.

“We believe that the recruiter community (which consists of hundreds of thousands of recruiters) still has lot of value to offer in quickly hiring the best candidates.

“We have a great platform, but we won't stop there, we'll continue to improve the system using the latest developments to keep clients and recruiters delighted.”

With access to over 5 million candidates nationwide, Talendrone states that it can find the best candidates suitable for any IT vacancy using recruiters across the world and posting jobs on over 100 of the UK's top job boards.

For employers the service provided by Talendrone allows them to utilise the skills of industry specific recruiters to hire new IT staff quickly and choose the level of commission they want to pay.

With 3,200 recruiters already on board, the firm has plans to boost this figure to 10,000 signed up within the next few months.

"The investment from Finance Yorkshire endorses the potential growth for the business, and I aim to ensure that we pull out all the stops to make the company even more of a success than it already is,” added Sood.

“We have ambitious plans to grow and develop into some exciting new areas to make sure we keep up to date with all the latest technological advances."


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