Hull move will drive expansion for TRG Wind

Hull move will drive expansion for TRG Wind

A fast-growing wind turbine support company has chosen Hull as the base for its European offshore operations.

TRG Wind Ltd has already added three technical staff to its team since opening an office at The Deep Business Centre earlier this month.

The availability of experienced people and close links to the continent influenced the decision to move to Hull, where the investment by some of the biggest names in the industry will support the company’s ambitious growth plans.

Managing director, David Elcombe said: “We launched the business in 2014 and our turnover was just under £1.5 million last year. Even if we don’t get any more orders we expect to be up to about £4 million this year.”

TRG Wind provides experienced wind turbine technicians and supervisory services to manufacturers and operators to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety in constructing, commissioning and maintaining turbines.

The company was formed by individuals who brought together experience in onshore and offshore wind in partnership with specialists from the finance and recruitment sectors.

From a handful of people based in Bromley the business expanded to build a team of nearly 40, two of whom have set up the Hull operation. Further recruitment is planned as the company expands its services and builds on a customer base of four major manufacturers in 18 countries.

David said: “We’ve approached this from the point of view of people who have worked in the industry for many years, so we know what the manufacturers need and we know how to look after our workers.

“Most of the work is onshore but the move to Hull will change that. We expect it to be half and half very soon. We are also looking to do more work with pre-assembly of components and we want to develop the industry here with local people in mind.”

TRG Wind’s presence in Hull is led by Jim Overton, a former apprentice with Humberside Engineering Training Association (HETA) who has the contacts to develop the Humber workforce.

He said: “Hull’s port facilities were a big factor in our decision to come here, as was the presence of the growing renewables sector.  Added to that, a lot of people round here have worked offshore, which makes it less of a stretch for them to work in our business.”