Growing recruiter invests in business telephony

Growing recruiter invests in business telephony

A growing recruitment business with locations across the north of England has invested in the latest business telephony.

Major Recruitment recently opened offices in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and now employs more than 50 people.

Major Recruitment’s headquarters are in Huddersfield and its locations include Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. It has five sister companies, also specialising in recruitment services, and together they have 10 offices in the north.

Wakefield-based NGC Networks has supported Major Recruitment’s expansion over several years and has now implemented Voice over IP (VoIP) technology at all its sites.

VoIP delivers voice communications over the internet rather than via traditional telephone lines, providing cost savings and improved resilience and business continuity.

Phil Bottomley, managing director of Major Recruitment, said: “The new solution works well and is very flexible with free calls to mobile telephones, which is the bulk of our outbound calls. NGC Networks has supported us in our business telephony requirements as we have grown and become a key player in the recruitment sector.”

Dean Harrop, director at NGC Networks, said: “The move away from traditional telephony to VoIP is becoming increasingly popular with businesses. Not only does this technology deliver cost savings but it also enables companies to improve their resilience in terms of disaster recovery.

“We are pleased to continue to support Major Recruitment in the latest development of its business operations.”


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