BAD Co bottles up success

BAD Co bottles up success

BAD Co, a craft brewery based in Dishforth, has announced plans to double its product portfolio and launch a new e-commerce store as it expands across the UK.

BAD Co. brewery was founded in 2014 by Harrogate businessman David Brown in partnership with head brewer and owner of the renowned Blind Jacks in Knaresborough, Paul Holden-Ridgway.

After only two years in business, BAD Co. products are now on sale in over 200 outlets across the UK, with bottle shops, independent pubs, and wholesalers stocking the goods.

The craft beer renaissance is front and centre of a burgeoning bar and pub trade offering, and BAD Co. beers are being sold in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, and Birmingham to name but a few of the major UK cities.

Now, as the company continues to grow, it has announced plans to double its product portfolio with the introduction of new beers and has launched a brand new e-commerce website to cater for this growing demand.

Brown said: “We believe that quality speaks for itself – we set up BAD Co. to deliver the best tasting brews we could. Alongside the hops, yeast, and core ingredients are hours of dedication from a passionate, knowledgeable team who are taking craft beer to a whole new level. 

“We aren’t conducting amateur alchemy in a shed, this is an advanced production line, with international expertise coming together to deliver what we think is the best tasting beer in the UK. We’re immensely proud that people like what we are doing and this is reflected in our ongoing growth.”

Not only has the core range of beers doubled, but the Dishforth-based team continues to grow at a rapid rate, having started in 2014 with only two members of staff, the company now employs 16 people with more jobs in the pipeline.

Head brewer Paul Holden-Ridgway added: “Our state of the art plant, continued investment in our facility and thirst for knowledge are all done with the end user in mind – we are on a mission to create the best product possible that tastes unique and is a go-to for the most discerning of drinker, as well as those just getting into proper brews. 

“The craft industry is changing and we’re proud to be leading the charge on this. Knowledge is power and coupling passion with tradition, maximised through smart uses of technology means we can produce beers that dispel the myths surrounding craft, convert the non-believers, and make our hard-core fans and aficionados come back for more!”

The Dishforth plant has evolved from a 8,000l fermentation facility when it first opened its doors in 2014, to a 40,000l plant which we see today and the company is showing no signs of slowing down as the BAD Co. team look to increase this to 64,000l in the coming months.

A new canning facility is also being introduced at the Dishforth plant, meaning that the product range will continue to expand into canned formats, appealing to a new tranche of retailers and trade customers alike.