Designing a new chapter for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks

Designing a new chapter for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have joined forced with a young Glasgow designer and a Yorkshire mill to create a brand new employee uniform, which pays homage to the heritage of the two banking brands.

Set to make its first appearance this month in branches nationwide, the revamped uniform marks a new chapter in the Banks’ history, as they embark on a new future as one.

Scottish designer Aimee Kent, a graduate from Glasgow School of Art, was commissioned to create two prints- one for Clydesdale Bank and one for Yorkshire Bank, after being selected from a shortlist of budding designers.

Yorkshire’s Clissold Mill, in Cleckheaton, was also invited to design two patterns – tartan and tweed.

For Clydesdale Bank, Aimee drew inspiration from Glasgow’s vibrant international culture and world famous architecture including the Templeton Carpet Factory and the timeless structures, interiors and facades of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Combining different motifs, she created the Clydesdale fabric in the Bank’s red brand colour with a flow of repeated patterns, reflecting art nouveau design.

For Yorkshire Bank, Aimee looked at the architecture of major towns and cities in the region such as the famous cotton mills, the textiles and David Hockney’s art. The Yorkshire fabric uses the brand’s various shades of blue, and draws inspiration from the region’s quilting history.

Aimee said: “I wanted to make something you’d feel proud to wear. A distinctive print that would brighten your day. There’s no reason why workwear should be unstylish. It should be on trend, yet timeless, classic, and flattering to all.”

Helen Page, director of customer proposition and marketing at Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, said: “As Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks embark on their standalone future, we wanted our staff uniform to represent our brand – not just in the way it looks and feels, but in the story of its making.

“Our branding comes from our roots – we’re proud to be local and we care about the customers and communities we support and that’s why our new uniform will combine a Glasgow designer and a Yorkshire mill.

“In making the new collection, we’re pleased to have been able to support Clissold Mill which is a long-standing, regional family business, as well as helping to provide a platform for the next generation of Scottish design talent.”



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