Hull Fruit Market welcomes new restaurant

Hull Fruit Market welcomes new restaurant

Three entrepreneurs have transformed a former fruit and vegetable warehouse in Hull into a restaurant, adding to the £80m regeneration of the city’s waterfront into an urban village.

Butler Whites, the converted 3,000 sq ft venue, offers casual, bistro-style dining with a twist and can accommodate up to 120 guests comfortably inside, with seating for up to a further 40 outside.

The venture is a labour of love for business partners Chris Eastaugh, Jason Gittins and Dan Robinson who have worked together for the past 10 years, including running the successful Henry Yeast bistro and bar in Hull’s Newland Avenue.

Mr Eastaugh said: “We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved. It’s like a dream come true and we feel blessed to be here.

“The hospitality scene in Hull has always been created by people from Hull. Now we are seeing high-quality restaurateurs from places like Leeds and York coming in and looking around the Fruit Market. They are buying into the positive vibe and want to be part of it.

“Other things are changing too. Many people from the Hull area choose to go to Leeds or York for the day, to enjoy the shopping, restaurants and other attractions, but the trains and roads go this way too.

“Why shouldn’t Hull be a destination? As the regeneration takes off, we can see people in Leeds and York saying ‘let’s spend the day in Hull’ and they will come to the Fruit Market.”

Butler Whites is named after two fruit and veg businesses previously based in Humber Street and the owners said they feel privileged to be part of a new era for the area.

Mr Robinson said: “We first started looking at the Fruit Market about four years ago when it was dormant, but we could see the potential. Now we’re so proud to be part of the Fruit Market story.

“I’ve never had a business before where so many people look through the windows to see what’s happening. We can sense people are really excited by what is happening here and so are we. Every day we see the Fruit Market evolve.”

Mr Gittins agreed: “We’re all Hull born and bred and proud of the city. Over recent years we’ve seen a dramatic change and now it’s great to be forerunners for this area.

Butler Whites opened as a trial run for the recent Humber Street Sesh which draws people into the market for a one-day festival.

The transformation of Hull’s cultural and creative quarter is being driven forward by joint venture company Wykeland Bea,l formed by regeneration leader Wykeland Group and residential developer Beal Homes, in partnership with Hull City Council.

David Donkin, property director of Hull-based Wykeland, said: “The owners of Butler Whites have done a great job in creating a high-quality environment and experience to be enjoyed by local diners and visitors to the city alike.

“They have embraced the unique heritage and character of the area and are passionate pioneers for the vision for the Fruit Market.”



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