Retail expansion for Yorkshire Meatball Co.

Retail expansion for Yorkshire Meatball Co.

The Yorkshire Meatball Co. is expanding into food-retail with a new range of premium-branded, gourmet meatballs set to hit the shelves in over 200 stores by October 2016.

Since March 2014, the father and son duo behind The Yorkshire Meatball Co. has been serving their own range of meatballs at its Harrogate-based restaurant and craft beer bar in a bid to fight back against tasteless meatballs.

Owners David and Gareth Atkinson are taking on the food-retail market offering high quality, premium-branded meatballs for home cooking, inspired by the bars existing meatball menu.

David explains: "In the current food-retail market, meatballs are typically quite small at 30g - whereas our meatballs use quality, locally-sourced ingredients to make larger meatballs, at 50g.

"With typical recommended portions of protein per meal being 100g to 150g, this equates to two or three Balls per portion, with six Balls available in each pack. We want to provide the consumer with a much more flavoursome, nutritious meal and, of course, a true taste of Yorkshire!"

The new meatball range includes three unique flavours:

· Yorkshire Balls – a classic Beef and Pork meatball, seasoned with, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper

· Smokey Balls – a Beef and Pork meatball, seasoned with a quality sweet smoked Spanish paprika

·  Hot Balls – a spicy Beef and Pork meatball with a warming kick of chilli pepper

Gareth adds: "Meatball dishes feature heavily in many cuisines and on countless menus of both high-street restaurants and independents alike – but we’re looking to set a new precedent for premium quality and flavor. We want to redefine meatballs as an exciting option for today’s cook-at-home foodies, and increase their appeal as an option for a wholesome family meal."

All of the meatballs are made in Yorkshire using fresh, locally-sourced beer and pork, produced by a local Yorkshire butcher, Sykes House Farm, which shares the same provenance and animal welfare values as David and Gareth. The recipes are completely gluten, dairy and egg-free.

David continues: "Our aim for the end of our first year in retail is to be supplying five per cent of our target market, which is approximately 500 stores, increasing to ten per cent by the end of FY2018.

"It’s an exciting time for the whole team as we establish ourselves as the first true premium meatball brand in the UK, taking the fight against average, taste–less meatballs nationwide."

The Yorkshire Meatball Co. range will be available in ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons with a competitive RRP of £3.00.