Bannatyne Group launches B-Fuelled

Bannatyne Group launches B-Fuelled

The Bannatyne Group has launched new healthy eating café bar concept, B-Fuelled, at its York health club following a £80,000 investment.

After a two week-long refurbishment, the café bar and kitchen areas of the York health club have been transformed with new food preparation equipment, furniture, an open space for members to relax in.

The Bannatyne Group is also using the York site to trial a new partnership with Starbucks; its staff have received training to be able to deliver a comprehensive barista service, with a range of tea and coffee available to members at a discounted rate.

Drew Brown, group head of food and beverage for the Bannatyne Group, said: "York is the first B-Fuelled healthy café bar to launch and we’re really pleased with the result of the investment.

"We consulted our health club members and they overwhelmingly said they were interested in monitoring their nutrition intake to ensure they are eating healthily, so we have worked in conjunction with qualified nutritionists to create balanced meals using healthy and fresh ingredients.

"Over the coming months, B-Fuelled will be closely monitored before making the decision to roll out the concept across more than 40 of our health clubs, and, along with the standard menu, they will also stock healthy snacks and beverages for members to take away from the likes of Pulsin, Beond, Kenetica, B-Fresh, Acti-Snack and Love Smoothies."

Justin Musgrove, chief executive of Bannatyne Group, said: "The creation of B-Fuelled is part of our continued investment to make sure we offer our members the best and most comprehensive service possible.

"We recognise that more and more of our health club members are seeking a holistic approach to wellbeing that includes fitness, relaxation and nutrition, so we have taken steps to ensure that our offerings all align, and allow members to reach their goals sooner."