Collaboration creates unique new mattress

Collaboration creates unique new mattress

Two experienced retailers have joined forces to create a Drift, which they believe brings a new dimension to the burgeoning UK mattress market.

Adam Black, founder of Feather and Black, and Matthew Hardcastle, formerly of Shop Direct and eBay, have combined their experience to create Drift, which are manufactured in Leeds.

Black and Hardcastle, who also run the successful bespoke bed and mattress retail brand Button and Sprung, are underlining their confidence by offering a 10-year guarantee with a 100-nights free return policy for Drift.

Black explained: "In today’s high-pressure, fast-paced world, sleep has never been so important. A good night’s sleep makes a huge difference to daytime performance and Drift provides exactly that. It is in perfect synergy with our search for wellness and feeling positive and happy about ourselves."

Drift mattresses, which are sold on-line, have a natural sleep surface, containing wool and cotton, and 4,000 pocket springs in a king size mattress.

Black commented: "Matthew and I were only prepared to enter the market if we thought we could genuinely differentiate the product.  Most of the other brands offer foam mattresses which are polyester-covered. Foam and polyester are insulators and heat reflectors, which means over-heating for the consumer is a major problem."

Hardcastle said: "The home sector is really embracing the digital age - and within the home sector, mattresses have now come to the party.

"With the innovative Drift mattress, we have created the first high spring count, naturally filled and natural sleep surface (not synthetic) mattress that can be vacuum-packed and delivered in our Drift duffle bag within 24 hours at a highly-competitive price."

Today the US mattress market is reported to be worth $16bn. Within that, the bed in a box concept has taken $750m in the last year.

Drift offers a market leading specification with 4000 pocket springs (in a king size product), and a 100% natural sleeping surface containing wool and cotton.

Hardcastle said: "The days of dreadful customer service in the mattress market are over. Gone are those bleak Saturday afternoons, where the shopping experience in large stores, with the buyer confronted by a myriad of confusing options and pushy, commissioned salesmen, can be a nightmare."


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