How can dark fibre internet benefit your business?

How can dark fibre internet benefit your business?

With the fastest internet technology in the world now available to businesses across Yorkshire through Exa Networks and our partnership with CityFibre, we thought this would be the perfect time to explore how dark fibre connectivity can revolutionise the digital capabilities of your company - and make anything possible.

Forming the foundation for the operational ability of many businesses, a slow or unreliable  internet connection can severely impact upon how well a company is able to function. With everything from the way we communicate to how we advertise increasingly dependent upon the internet, there is an integral need to make sure that the service we are receiving is as effective as it can possibly be. Indeed, 94% of SMEs believe that a reliable connection is critical to the success of their business. So for something so key, why do we settle for anything less than the best?

Unfortunately, it’s easy to do; and something many of us are guilty of - with just 1 in 8 businesses reporting that they are ‘very satisfied’ with their broadband provision.

However, with phrases such as ‘superfast’ and ’next-generation’ often used to describe the latest internet technology, it can be easy to dismiss the newest development as just another flash in the pan - something that will be replaced by the next faster, more powerful, service in a couple of years - and won’t drastically improve the way a business works.

This is where dark fibre changes things.

In the same way that the arrival of broadband transformed a business’s digital ability following dial-up, dark fibre opens up a brand new world of potential - one that won’t be surpassed in our lifetime (and we don’t say that easily!).

So, what is dark fibre?

Dark fibre is an optical fibre infrastructure that is not limited by the traditional constraints of restricted bandwidth capacity or third party network infrastructure. As a result, it is an internet connection capable of accommodating all your business’s potential needs and expansion - with speeds of over 2,500,000Mbps achievable (the current average broadband speed is 22.8Mbps), there isn’t a requirement conceivable that it will be unable to meet.

This means that with an Exa Networks’ DarkLight service, your business will never have to install a new, higher capacity line, or assess if your connectivity technology is still suitable. Should you increase employee number, your use of cloud services or rich media, the size of your downloads, uploads, or anything at all, your connection can be adjusted within minutes to provide the bandwidth increase you need; on both a temporary or permanent basis.

In fact, it’s difficult to overestimate the impact this type of connectivity can have - not just on individual businesses - but also on the cities to which it is introduced. From the £50 million received in investments by early Gigabit-adopter Chattanooga to the elevation of Lafayette, Louisiana as ‘a sought-after location for the entertainment industry’ following its introduction of Gigabit connections, there is no limit to what these incredible internet services can make possible.


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