Leeds' Pure Fibre Gigabit Network Goes Live

Leeds' Pure Fibre Gigabit Network Goes Live

Could the launch of CityFibre’s pure fibre gigabit network finally be the thing to kick start the Northern Powerhouse?

Gigabit City Leeds is now officially live, with GDS Link becoming the first business in Leeds to benefit from a new generation of affordable gigabit speed internet services, delivered by CityFibre’s Leeds partner, Diva Telecom.

The rollout of CityFibre’s gigabit speed pure fibre connectivity across the Leeds City Region has been on the horizon for the last few months, with lots of conversation coming from the Leeds City Council and businesses from a range of industries including Digital, Tech and Professional Services.

A study, commissioned by Virgin Media Business, interviewed 1,103 senior decision makers in British SMEs, coming to a conclusion that the average employee loses 15 minutes a day to slow internet speeds – that’s over 60 hours per year!

The abilities of a gigabit connection are limitless, allowing you to experience cloud computing for storage, telephony, virtual conferencing, etc. with no restrictions. With ultra-fast symmetrical upload and download speeds of 1000 megabits, all of your employees can fully embrace the digital world and win back those 15 minutes each day.


Keith Hale of GDS Link, a provider of risk management software across the globe, said “We can already see the improvements in our productivity after just a couple of weeks. It gives us the ability to experience a whole new level of internet capabilities – we were expecting it to be amazing and it lives up to our expectations.”

This first live connection is a major step forward for the state of digital infrastructure in the region. Until now Leeds’ digital infrastructure has failed to reach the heights of other cities around the country, with the most common offerings being ADSL 2+ or Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC). With more than 8500 digital and technology based businesses in the region, the thirst for high bandwidth has been growing significantly in recent times. Nowadays, high bandwidth is not a ‘nice to have’ for businesses but a necessity.

The problems that can be encountered with existing ‘gigabit speed’ connectivity services are eliminated when using a pure fibre connection in the ground. This is because a pure fibre connection does not require a clear line of sight to the satellite to provide consistent bandwidth services – something which can be a major issue due to the landscape of Leeds.

Future-proof for the next 100 years, pure fibre cabling is also completely resilient to flooding – something which has struck Leeds quite severely in the last year.

The costs of the pure fibre services are another major differentiator for businesses when compared to other gigabit services. Until now, the only connectivity solutions that could match pure fibre services are leased lines but these are often too expensive for businesses as costs for an equivalent fibre leased line connection are typically in excess of £1000 per month, unlike the CityFibre gigabit pure fibre connections.

The pure fibre network, owned and operated by infrastructure provider CityFibre, is now available through their Leeds partner, Diva Telecom, offering access to the 117km Gigabit City network and making Leeds one of the best connected cities on the planet, dramatically accelerating the digital capabilities of businesses and providing an essential part in future proofing the digital infrastructure in the region.

If you would like further information on gigabit-speed pure fibre connectivity call Diva Telecom on 0330 333 0468 or visit http://www.divatelecom.co.uk/telephony/pure-fibre-connectivity