Cocktail company mixes it up with Uber

Cocktail company mixes it up with Uber

A Leeds-based cocktail company has entered a partnership with international business Uber Taxis.

Gal Tvila from Uber, created the deal with Zest Mixology’s marketing manager Euan MacLeod.
Spanning the private and corporate sectors.

Zest Mixology was keen to work with Uber for its reputation as a safe, modern and trusted solution for event travel.

Catering to all requests - whether it’s a high profile event or a private party - the business wants all guests to thoroughly enjoy the event experience, as well as ensure that customers get home safely with Uber.

Following the success of the partnership, all Zest Mixology customers will be invited to download the Uber app via their website, or via the app store. In turn, each guest will receive a £15 free first ride, by using their unique promotional code, ‘ZestMixology’.

The founder of Zest Mixology, Murdo MacLeod, said: "It is an exciting partnership to be announcing. We are delighted to be working alongside Uber and be able to offer our customers a unique cocktail experience and a safe journey home."

The partnership between Zest Mixology and Uber comes at an exciting time for Zest Mixology who are continually expanding, including new territories such as France and the Maldives.


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