Creative approaches to leadership and management training

Creative approaches to leadership and management training

York Business School hosts a day seminar exploring creative approaches to leadership and management issues.

York Business School recently hosted a day seminar exploring creative approaches to leadership and management issues. Led by the Acting Dean of York Business School, Noel Dennis, who also has a national profile as a professional jazz musician, participants from a variety of organizations across the city were introduced to leadership and management lessons using jazz and drama.

The jazz session, which was co-presented by internationally renowned jazz musician and educator – Pete Churchill, explored the process of improvisation, the mechanics of the jazz group and the links to common leadership and management issues. Participants were introduced to the ‘jazzer’ and ‘reader’ continuum, which identifies where individuals and organizations sit in relation to their levels of creativity, innovation and improvisation.

Jazzers are highly creative, innovative and improvise widely, whereas the readers stick within the parameters of a pre-determined structure, with little space for creativity and improvisation.

The drama session ‘Witches in the Workplace’ formed the central focus of the seminar.
‘You never forget how someone makes you feel.’ Maya Angelou.

Keeping staff engaged, motivated and empowered is essential to the success of your business. Continuous Professional Development and training is a key aspect of employee management, but can often feel like an unrewarding experience for the employee, and just a ticked box for the employer.

Bespoke creative leadership workshops offered by York Business School brings a business’ training requirements to life, with interactive sessions that allow staff at all levels to work in a collaborative and experiential way. This is proven to encourage greater thinking as a team and develop creative solutions to organisational challenges.

Here at York Business School, we work with clients to develop sessions that will specifically address an aspect of their company training manual, or help improve a team’s understanding of a business objective. We will then deliver a session that will make staff feel engaged, enthused and empowered. An evaluation report is provided, following the session.

Our ‘Witches in the Workplace’ workshop featured ‘Macbeth’ as a vehicle to explore leadership and some of its challenges. Delegates were invited to take on the persona of Macbeth and those characters who influenced or were influenced by him, on his leadership journey.

In addition, delegates were able to ‘stand outside’ of the story and be a critical friend to Macbeth, intervening at points in the action where he made perceived pivotal mistakes or errors of judgement.  Having the opportunity to put ourselves in the shoes of others gives us a critical vantage point from which to reflect on our practice, both on a personal and professional level.

Delegates were asked to make links between the situations explored, within the security of a fictional text, and their own experiences of the workplace. Had Macbeth been part of a more collaborative team, he may not have ended up with his head on a spike and civil war raging in his office!

The learning which delegates take away from the workshop will be as individual as their thinking and their own particular challenges in the workplace. However, we can guarantee that they will leave with the tools to avoid a mutiny!

The experiential learning style of our workshops ensure that a delegate will reference scenarios and implement reflective practice in action, long into their professional future.

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