Boost to SME training and apprenticeships

Boost to SME training and apprenticeships

The Grimsby Institute Group has announced the development of a new dedicated Apprenticeship Service, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), for employers in the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding area.

The project will increase employer participation in apprenticeships by raising awareness and providing support to employers to improve the skills of their existing workforce through the provision of accredited and funded qualifications and training.

The £2m ESF contract awarded by the Skills Funding Agency and through the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) will be led and managed by the Grimsby Institute Group and will involve more than 10 delivery partners throughout the region.

Gill Alton, chief executive of the Grimsby Institute Group said: "I am delighted we have been awarded this contract by the LEP.  The contract will provide a clear pathway for employers to upskill their workforce and grow the number of adults accessing and achieving apprenticeship training and qualifications. 

"Employers using the service will be able to use the single point of contact to learn how apprenticeships can boost productivity and bring many other benefits to their business".

The service will launch in November and will ensure that employers using the system are supported in identifying training needs aligned to their business objectives.

Andy Goudie, executive director of projects at the Grimsby Institute Group, who led the bid for the delivery of the Apprenticeship Services contract commented: "This is a real opportunity for small and medium sized employers across the region to be supported in developing their training needs.

"We are aiming to work with over 1000 businesses over the next two years to support more than 1300 adult workers to access training that leads to an apprenticeship".

The service will support the LEP’s key growth sectors to secure the skilled labour to build sustainable employment and growing economy.


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