Leeds BID - Welcome People and Street Rangers

Leeds BID - Welcome People and Street Rangers

In an exciting first year for LeedsBID, we find out more about how they are looking at enhancing services in the city, filling the gap for tourist information and bridging the gap in cleanliness and putting Leeds down as a world class clean city. Martin Dickson tells us more about The Welcome Ambassadors and the LeedsBID Street Rangers.

Ambassadors - In early March we started to see bowler hats on the streets of Leeds. Who were these impeccably dressed people with their formal overcoats, dashing flashes of yellow trim and umbrellas hooked onto their forearms Avengers style? (that’s the sixties Steed version not Thor and his Marvel friends!)

LeedsBID had introduced a highly trained, fully professional team of Welcome Ambassadors to the city centre to enhance the experience for all city users, helping, guiding and presenting a friendly welcome face to visitors giving a positive and lasting impression to all.  

The team is best thought of as ‘human signposts’, carrying maps, a handheld device and an intricate knowledge of the city centre streets, tourist attractions, key retail and business destinations in addition to detailed insight into the best places to eat, drink and be entertained right across Leeds commercial and leisure districts. The sharp, quirky and distinctive apparel gives the team a memorable and immediate visibility, so anyone needing help to find a location can easily identify an ambassador in the hustle and bustle of the city streets. The team operates from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm seven days a week and since hitting the streets has interacted and helped over 145,000 visitors to Leeds, receiving amazing reviews across social media from regional, national and international visitors alike.

So if you find yourself in the city, lost or in need of finding a great restaurant, shop or live venue, simply stop, look around and you’ll see a bowler hat expert waiting to help you!


Rangers - As the summer finally arrived, the LeedsBID Street Rangers hit the city centre not so much Ghostbusters (though the new film came out & our team do have similar gun-like equipment) as Grime busters, charged with the aim of bringing the city centre streets a much needed deep clean, wash and de-chewing gum to bring the shine back to some of the lovely paving and stonework.

To enhance the opening of the new Victoria Gate and John Lewis development, the team focus has been to transform Briggate, the spine of the city centre’s retail district and if you take a look after only a few weeks transform it they have, into a shining, refreshed (almost new stone) looking wonder!

The Rangers aren’t afraid of much, especially not that perennial city street blight that is discarded chewing gum and to date have blasted away 400,000 pieces of the eyesore rubber off Briggate! Just imagine how many such blots there are across the whole city centre? Our Head Ranger Lawrence can and he’s going after them all, the gum had better watch out! As we move the team onto a wider remit of jobs in the coming months, adding to the ranks to expand this amazing service to the city centre, the team will continue their deep cleaning of all streets and provide a rapid reaction clean-up service for businesses across the LeedsBID area. The incredible enhancement the team is bringing to the city for people spending time working cannot be underestimated, a positive impact that will emanate out of the city too as impressed visitors spread the word about the Rangers work to make our whole city centre shine!

Leeds has some new heroes: they have super-hot, high pressure jet wash guns and the city’s grime should be very afraid!

LeedsBID is an independent, not for profit company, funded by business and focused on enhancing the welcome to the city centre, improving experiences, raising standards. By directly investing more than £12million over the next few years LeedsBID aims to bring commercial benefits to business by amplifying the experience for all city users.