LeedsBID - Looking back, looking forward

LeedsBID - Looking back, looking forward

It was a full house at the Everyman Leeds to start day 3 of Leeds Business Week...

Andrew Cooper, Chief Exec, delivered an engaging and informative presentation on the first successful year of the Leeds Business Improvement District (LeedsBID).

To kick it all off, guests were treated to an engaging and attention grabbing introduction to how LeedsBID is helping to transform the city in the form of an energetic, upbeat and entertaining film.

The film profiled the range of projects the BID has delivered in its first year while showcasing the team behind it all.

 Enlisting the film-making talents of Zoe East aka Opal Productions, a new and innovative local film artist based out of Duke Studios), the film provides a rollercoaster visual ride through the work the LeedsBID team has delivered from autumn 2015 up to present day

Using that well-tried (but still fun) flashcard style to convey key facts and figures, the film gives a fun and informative three-minute race through a year of achievements.

The BID team received positive feedback from the audience on the range of projects delivered and a taster of things still to come.

LeedsBID has made great progress in its initial year, turning the vision into a reality by working with key partners to 'transform the city together’ for the benefits of all city users. And going into year two and beyond, there’s much more to come.