Academy launched to boost Northern IT skills

Academy launched to boost Northern IT skills

A team of software experts are offering to share their expertise to reduce the need for businesses to travel to London for training.

Richmond-based thecitysecret has launched an academy offering individuals and companies a raft of IT training packages, ranging from simple Word and Excel programmes to sophisticated languages such as Scala.

For the past 16 years, thecitysecret has been developing innovative software solutions for city financiers, but regular trips to London sparked the idea to launch a Northern training facility.

Director Sophie Hazell said: "Thecitysecret Academy will offer a host of IT courses without the inconvenience and considerable expense of travelling to and staying in London."

Senior developer Jeff Cadman said: "We have surplus space in our office and the expertise and drive to help individuals and companies learn how to capitalize on the latest technology."

The initiative will also help fill the skills gap for top flight software developers in the North East and Yorkshire.

Operations manager Chris Laundy said: "Not everyone is attracted by the bright lights of London and prefer the lifestyle we are blessed with in Yorkshire, County Durham, Teesside, Tyneside and Wearside.

"We have looked all over the world for the right talent, and software companies are having to compete with the voracious appetite of the games industry. This will allow the region to grow its own talent and meet a huge demand from skilled developers."

Account manager Juliette Morris said: "We have the perfect environment for a range of bespoke learning packages, in a glorious setting on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, which is easily accessible from across the North."