Entrepreneur launches insect protein bar

Entrepreneur launches insect protein bar

A local entrepreneur from Sheffield-based Next Step Foods has launched a unique take on energy bars - a bar made with high-protein cricket flour.

Due to launch in December, The Yumpa Bar is also made with fruit, nuts and seed, and will initially be available in two flavours.

The Yumpa Bar is the brainchild of Tony Askins who recently spoke at Food Matters Live about why he believes that crickets could be the future of food.

Each Yumpa Bar contains 32 powdered crickets, plus nuts, seeds and dried fruit, and is free from gluten, diary, soya and sulphites and has no added sugar or additives.

They are designed to appeal to health and environmentally conscious consumers – a growing and important market segment – and are all served in completely compostable packaging.

“Crickets need just a fraction of the space, resources and feed of other farm animals and produce less pollution. At 60% complete protein, cricket flour is an incredible resource and crickets are increasingly becoming part of the Western diet.

"And of course, they’re really tasty! We believe they’re the future of food,” said Tony, a keen mountain-biker and climber.

The bars are available in two flavours, Coco-a-go-go (warming cocoa, orange and cardamom) and Tangy Thai (zingy lime, coconut and ginger). More flavours will be unveiled in 2017.
“I was thrilled to be asked to give a speech at the event,” adds Tony.

“And talk with food buyers and distributors about why crickets could be the future of food. And judging by their comments and enjoyment of the bars, crickets really are the future of food.”

Yumpa Bars will be available from Next Step Foods from 5th December 2016 directly to the public and for wholesale retail and distribution.


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