Businesses come together to add sparkle to Leeds

Businesses come together to add sparkle to Leeds

Martin Dickson from LeedsBID chats about Christmas in Leeds, the amazing retail partnerships created in the city and increasing the dwell time for visitors during the festive period, which are very important objectives for LeedsBID and raising the profile of Leeds.

Leeds is an amazing city and what better time of year or more exciting opportunity than Christmas to showcase the incredible range of creative talent we have. Christmas in Leeds was designed & curated to reflect a wide range of artistic, light and magical features providing something for everyone reflecting that many people will ‘do Christmas’ but engage in it in different ways as it means different things to different people. We’re delighted to have produced a wonderful range of features, interactive and just simply inspiring pieces, all combined in an intriguing trail, so that all the city can enjoy an enhanced Christmas experience as they spend time in the city centre during the festive period, whether standing in awe under Spirit in the station or sending a letter to the North Pole in Santa’s post office at the Merrion Centre, we’ve got it all.

Thanks to a fantastic collaboration including major retail partners such as Trinity Leeds, St Johns & Merrion Centres, The Corn Exchange and Harvey Nichols, working alongside some of the City’s and UK’s leading creative artists sourced via East Street Arts like David Shearing, Glass Cyphers, Dave Lynch, Alison Smith and Lumen, we have delivered a stunning campaign that profiles Leeds on the highest stage as a must-see destination this Christmas.               

Students from the Leeds College of Art have created a stunning animated projection to light up the lifting tower on Wellington Place, bringing together one of our finest education institutions with a premier business location in the west end of the city: business and art bringing a stunning sparkle to everyone’s Christmas. The College of Music have supported many of the launch events adding superb enhancement from another of our world class educational organisations.

As LeedsBID we have a responsibility to support the commercial sector in Leeds, aimed at increasing both footfall and dwell time in and around the retail and leisure districts and helping drive improved business vital to the city’s economy. The support we have received and overwhelmingly positive feedback for the campaign has been fantastic and the complete collaboration shows one city all working together to make this Christmas a success for all.   

Added to all of this we have invested significantly in a major marketing campaign pushing Christmas in Leeds both inside and outside Leeds to show how exciting our city is and that everyone needs to experience it whether you live here or need to take a trip here! Thanks to some stunning design from Rabbit Hole (a Leeds based agency) providing a special microsite, downloadable app and physical map to enjoy doing the trail, to the bold, confident and ambitious media campaign which has profiled the city in the Guardian, The Observer, The Sunday Times and Metro to name but a few, the Christmas message to the city and wider UK is that Leeds is the city to visit, enjoy and experience this Christmas and Christmas in Leeds is the most incredible way to do that.

A trail of art, light and magic #christmasinleeds, if you do nothing else this Christmas make sure you do this or you will feel you’ve missed out!  

Discover the Christmas In Leeds art, light and magic trail at



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