Here’s a welcoming story

Here’s a welcoming story

Craig Burton MD of The Works Recruitment shares his thoughts on a couple of wines from South West France.

As a recruiter and professional connecter of over 30 years, I often find the only respectful way to ‘Thank’ a client is a gift of good wine, not ostentatious, in my opinion it’s the best and most welcomed gesture of appreciation in my corporate circles.

We love a wine with a story. Having lived in South West France for almost 11 years now and flitted back and forth, I have rarely been able to refuse a ‘Degustation’ with a cave awash in history of toil – and strife and cripes there are many stories whether fabricated or not – I’m a pushover.

One thing I do find curious is the absolute passion and rivalry between the South West regions, that rarely anyone will drink a wine from another region and to be frank I’m a little bored of Madiran so the opportunity to try something different is a treat. Writing this I’m homesick and I can smell the autumnal vindage in my local town and all the shrivelled grapes of the Petit Menseng to produce that sweet honey golden nectar Pacheran.

Craig Burton 02Chateau La Prade is one with a great story of restoration of a run-down vineyard and a small producer, so I was particularly curious to taste this popular, yet unknown (to me), producer. As I’ve been told and scalded time and time again I should decant, so I did.

The colour of, well, Bordeaux proper, deep ruby red, lovely long legs, nose of leather kept in a dark closet. First notes of dark complicated blend of fruits, typical of Bordeaux for me: Second a long blackcurrant wholesome Merlot Cab-Sauvignon blend with a long finish. This typifies to me a carefully, lovingly produced regional wine, but this with a character all of its own that has made me homesick already.

Good Bordeaux Whites are not rare in my limited experience but it makes sense. Why not as whites make up around 10% of overall production, so getting this right is crucial to the brave producers out there. I tasted the Clos Des lune- Lune D’Argent 2013. The colour is that of an Aquitaine evening sunshine, golden, bright and warming to the bones.

Only South West whites have this characteristic to my mind of colour and that wonderful nose when you can sense the sunshine that’s squeezed into every grape almost a tangy marmalade nose, as they’re often picked late. I’m tasting first a balanced summer light fruit, tangy, not acidic, just ripe yet delicate.

With a smooth finish leaving me instantly needing another quaff. Just nailed it for me and I’ll be ringing on the doorbell of this cave very soon. If they’ve anything left. Nobody has told me the price but it’s a top shelf buy for me.

Château La Prade, Côtes de Franc 2007 - £16.99
Clos des Lune ‘Argent’ Bordeaux Blanc 2013 - £16.99

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